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Wireless Solutions

Application of wireless technology in the process industry offers new possibilities for plant operators to optimize production processes and to follow entirely new paths. This opens up a wide field of applications with a variety of solutions for the operator. A2S takes this trend into account in various ways.

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Our wireless solutions can be applied to hazardous areas in gas, petrochemical, and chemical plants, etc. and which combines distinguished future potential and expandability.

In the past, voice communication systems such as PHSs and transceivers were mainly used as mobile type communication systems in plants and facilities. With the recent progress in IT technology, however, needs for mobile solutions are expanding from voice-based communication systems to wireless LANs capable of integrally transmitting massive amounts of data and voices.

We offer the optimum solution for those interested in the following points in the applications of talk, broadcasting, operation support, safety control, and remote monitoring.

  • Being able to perform in an hazardous area the same operations and control as in regular areas
  • Reducing costs by unifying different infrastructure systems into a wireless LAN
  • Improving field operation efficiency and safety control


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