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Design and Engineering

A2S – An explosion protection leading company


Focused on industrial safety and explosion protection A2S designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of individual components and finished products . We also provide customized solutions based on our products to suit your needs, for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


A2S experts work with you to develop solutions tailored specifically to your needs. This guarantees optimal implementation and custom solutions.


Focus on Innovative Solutions


Focused on product innovation , we combine our know- how and expertise to advance security technologies in new directions.

Through industrial cooperation agreements with world leaders ATEX , A2S offers products of high quality and high reliability, always at the forefront of innovation in order to minimize downtime , reduce operations , increase productivity without sacrificing security costs.



In addition to standard products , A2S offers bespoke achievements poyr answer any specific request for:

  • Junction boxes
  • Distribution boards
  • Cabinets for motor starters
  • Control stations
  • Plugs boxes
  • etc …

Distribution boards for lighting circuits or tracing , as well as low power engines starters can be made ​​in polyester reinforced through the use of encapsulated Ex d ( circuit breakers, contactors , etc …) components.

This innovative technology allows quick and easy access to the circuit breakers located under windows that can be opened and turned into the hazardous area ( Zone 1 or 2).

For higher powers, metal boxes of different sizes are available and help make complete sets mounted on chassis.

These tables and cabinets are always delivered fully equipped and wired to terminals, ready to be connected. We have a wide range with rectangular cabinets for gas group IIB , or boxes with round lid screwed for gas group IIC .

The user thus has guaranteed full compliance with standards and especially the highest level of safety for protection against explosions.

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