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Unison IP Intercom / PA System

system intercom public address IP


IP-controlled emergency call system

  • Simultaneous management of phone call and intercom functions with paging via network
  • Managing multiple loudspeaker and call areas
  • Management of dedicated intercom lines.
  • Each device is equipped with a keyboard to make phone calls to any other unit of the system
  • Encrypted call via a coding format
  • Easy extension of the communication system with the addition of terminals
Technical fact sheet: intercom system / PA UNISON

UNISON is an audio communication system with advanced IP AudioTM technology. It allows you to create IP public address systems and an intercom system.

Each device in the UNISON system has its own dedicated function (combined or hands-free, power amplifier …) so you can establish point-to-point communication by dialling on the keyboard or simply by picking up the handset.

UNISON allows a general or group pagination, even very complex, via the master console by combining additional auxiliary elements such as sirens, speakers or flash fire.

The UNISON IP network intercom system is used in industries (iron and steel, electricity, plant and petrochemicals), transportation, prison and the financial industry. It offers a wide range of features and auxiliary organs to meet the specific requirements of all types of difficult work environments or at risk of explosions.


Basic functions:

  • Interphony / Call
  • Communication via handset or hands-free by different phone models, in full duplex mode
  • Quick call to a target terminal by picking up the handset (Hotline); Thanks to digital keys to randomly call all terminals.
  • Group call: The system automatically calls a group of terminals. If one of the terminal’s answers, the call to the rest will be completed.
  • Conference call, automatic/manual response, busy line transfer, unanswered transfer and period transfer.
    Synchronization of DND status and call return, call recording.

Advanced features:

  • Search by area
  • Broadcast to all or part of areas via the control desk search function on the IP network
  • Broadcast of music files in MP3 or WAV format to speakers (real-time broadcast/schedule/trigger is available)


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