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Visual warning signals

Discover our wide choice of visual signaling devices and find the one suitable for your application in harsh environments.

avertisseur visuel industriel


The FL40 warning light IP65 is designed in flame retardant ABS for humid and / or dusty industrial environments. Flame retardant ABS body.



The flame retardant ABS FD / SD40 warning light is designed to alert and inform in humid and / or dusty industrial environments. Fireproof ABS body.

feu à éclat LED étanche


BC100 warning light is designed in polycarbonate. Robust and strong, it is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.  Complies with standard EN54-23

avertisseur optique

Solista LX

Available with a low (IP33) or high (IP65) base, the Solista LX visual device is suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring a visual alarm. EN54-23.



Audible and luminous signaling panel for outdoor use, adapted to inform of all types of risks such as fire, floods, gas leaks, etc., and any industrial application.

Quality assurance and certification

Thanks to many years of experience in signage, the quality standards of the products we offer meet and exceed many global standards. We guarantee our customers that each of our products is tested and verified to work in the harshest environments. In addition to internal testing, our products are assessed and certified by several of the world’s leading independent quality assessors and certification bodies for compliance and safety. Our product certifications include UL, cUL, IECEx, ATEX, FM, VdS, DNV, INMETRO, CU TR and MED. Details of specific product certificates and declarations of conformity can be found on the product pages.

Sharing good practices

We believe that technical excellence can be achieved by sharing best practices and understanding the requirements of each sector. Our products have proven performance and we can offer standard and tailor-made solutions for various applications combined with advice from dedicated experts. Our signaling equipment can be used in multiple sectors and applications, including: energy, mining, transport, chemicals, industry … For any specific question on the applications of our products, contact-us.

The A2S lab

The spirit of innovation is at the heart of A2S. A desire to create security devices and solutions that define future market standards. The A2S Lab is the manifestation of this spirit and represents our investment in continuous innovation. We believe that specific solutions stem from our expertise and our understanding of the problems that each of our customers face

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