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Manual Sounders

A2S offers a range of manual alarms and sirens to prevent risks on a business site or zone. We guarantee our customers that each of our products is tested and verified to work in the harshest environments.

sirene d'alerte manuelle LK-100


The manual siren LK100 can be transported easily, compact it can be stored easily. 110 ± 2dB (A) @ 1M

Sirène d'alerte manuelle LK-100A à poser


The manual alert siren LK100A allows a solid fixing on base. Light, it allows a simple and fast installation. 110 ± 2dB (A) @ 1M

Sirene alarme manuelle LK-100B 110dB


The manual alert siren LK100B allows a reliable and easy fixing on all types of supports. 110 ± 2dB (A) @ 1M

sirene d'alerte manuelle LK-120 sur pieds


Manual alert siren LK120 with steel feet for use at breast height. 120 ± 2dB (A) @ 1M

sirene manuelle lk120A 120dB


Manual alert siren LK120 to place in steel for use at breast height. 120 ± 2dB (A) @ 1M

A complete selection to prevent risks

The manual alarm siren plays a vital role in protecting people. In the presence of extraordinary or threatening events, the alert siren is ideal for alerting people, especially when the site has no energy source. It is particularly suitable in campsites, schools, civil defense, but also for military defenses, mountain rescue and coastal alerts.

To benefit from optimal security on various projects and areas without electricity, the use of a manual siren meeting ATEX standards is essential. At Advanced Safety Solutions, you will find what you need, whatever your horn needs are! The technical sheets are available online and offer you practical information on all of our references. By purchasing a manual siren, you are choosing to provide an effective warning for applications where there is no power supply.

The advantages of manual sirens

Manual sirens have many advantages, especially for business sectors that require POI, PPI, PPMS plans.

The manual siren allows you to alert staff in case of danger, especially in areas without electricity. Indeed, no energy source is necessary to use it. In addition, its sound power makes it possible to broadcast a universally known alarm on large industrial sites, such as quarries or mines. Thanks to its shutter mechanism, the sirens we offer can provide more than three different warning signals.

Depending on the use and the sector of activity, opt for the manual siren LK-100 ideal for easy transport or the LK-100A for fast and solid fixing on a base. The LK-120 and LK120-A warning sirens with steel feet will be ideal for use at breast height.

Note that all our manual sirens are robust and compact for flexible use on your site.

A2S supports you in choosing your manual siren

At Advanced Safety Solutions, we have been designing industrial, signaling and ATEX lighting solutions for over ten years and guarantee our customers efficient equipment. Safety is a priority in explosive atmospheres and in harsh industrial environments, which is why we make every effort to best meet your needs for manual sirens. For any questions, our experts advise you by phone, email or online. If necessary, we carry out an on-site audit to offer you suitable and tailor-made support!

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