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Marine and industrial speakers

Safety is a priority in explosive atmospheres and in difficult industrial environments. Our sound equipment for industrial and marine applications meets the highest standards and offers the highest levels of reliability.



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Safety standards in a difficult industrial environment

Industrial environments have mixed levels of risk. Each industry has its own safety standards for detecting, warning and protecting property and people. In an industrial environment where the risk is high, the ATEX standard for Explosive Atmosphere strictly governs the protection of workers. Products and equipment listed in hazardous work areas are specifically developed to prevent as much as possible any risk of ignition.

The range of industrial and marine sirens A2S are designed with the help of our customers. The latter are regional and national industrial companies of the oil, gas, petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, biofuels and food industries. The manufacturing constraints of the ATEX and industrial A2S speakers are defined according to the extreme needs identified and have been as close as possible to the evolutions of the ATEX standard for more than 10 years.

Environments at risk

The security sound system takes immediate over the action of the detection devices. Sometimes exposed to external elements as in a marine environment at risk, its effectiveness is determined by its immediate availability and reliability in time, in all weathers, and foolproof. Sound power plants, loudspeakers and power sirens are the first relays to limit accidents in high-risk environments.

A risky environment is defined as the presence of particularly flammable materials at the place of production or activity: fuel, fuel, gas, etc. Are at risk: refineries, service stations, airports, chemical plants, cement plants, nuclear power plants and all plants where the presence of hazardous and flammable materials are identified.

Risk categories

The ATEX standard under which all A2S products are manufactured categorizes the areas where the risks are identified (see our ATEX Speakerproducts). The latter differ depending on the nature of the fuel present. The latter can be gaseous, liquid, solid or even in the form of powder such as magnesium, sulfur as well as any chemicals that can catch fire or explode.

When substances to which personnel are exposed are particularly volatile in the form of gas, fog or steam, the area is categorized into three levels. Zone 0 is the most at risk, the danger is permanent. Zone 1 is an occasional hazard. Zone 2 indicates that danger is rare. NB: Just because danger is rare doesn’t mean it’s no less important. It is precisely in such circumstances that every professional must have reliable equipment ready to perform his duties at the slightest request, even after a long period without incident.

Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22 Risk Zones are a variation of previous standards when flammable materials appear as a dust cloud.

A2S alarm and signalling equipment

A2S offers alarm, signalling and control equipment specially designed for use in areas of difficult environmental conditions and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres. A2S is renowned worldwide for its adherence to the highest quality standards and the reliability of the anti-fire-spray equipment it offers.

The A2S product line has been developed in collaboration with its customers so that A2S can offer the best combination of performance and safety.

The A2S product line

A2S’s product line includes light beacons, bells, sirens, combined units, heat detectors, speakers, manual triggers and status lights.

A2S can provide a wide range of signalling devices and fire detection equipment worldwide. Thanks to our global network, we are able to deliver the equipment in a short time at competitive prices.

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