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Pavian Electronic Siren

sirène de puissance PAVIAN


High-powered electronic warning siren

  • Smarter: remote siren management, more detailed self-diagnosis, better connectivity with external equipment
  • More compact: reduced dimensions and weight of the siren with better performance
  • More understandable: better sound processing, better understanding and better sound volume adjustment
  • More flexible: software adaptation of siren functions

The next-generation PAVIAN siren offers a smart alert solution designed for critical applications and systems that require increased siren control and monitoring.

The siren has state-of-the-art alert and communication management features. With built-in batteries, the PAVIAN system can operate without fear of lightning. It is able to respond independently to impulses from everywhere and it has control of external needs. There is a wide range of accessories: pole supports, fasteners, cables, lighting, communication antennas, solar panels. Its major advantage is the ability to adjust the functions and limitations of the siren to the specific needs of the customer.


Siren power: 300 W to 4800 W
Power: 90 V – 264 V AC / 50 Hz – 60 Hz (solar panels 24 V)
Energy consumption:
max 300W during battery charge
maxi 13 in emergency mode, with fully charged batteries
Wardrobe protection: IP54, IP66
Wardrobe dimensions:
Siren power up to 2400W: 600x650x350 mm
Higher power: on demand
Cabinet weight with electronics: 28-38kg (without batteries) depending on the type of siren
Temperature range: -25° to 65°C


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