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High gain sounders

A2S offers a full range of multi-directional sirens high power to alert and inform people as Seveso directives.

These sirens are in conformity with the Decree of 23 March 2007 on the technical characteristics of the national alert signal.

High gain audible warning devices

Set of 8 pavilions for high gain sirens

High gain siren 400-800m

High gain siren 1000-2000 m

High gain siren 1500-3000 m

High gain siren 2000-4500 m

High gain siren 2400-5500 m

Sounder JDL400
123±2dB(A) @1M

Sounder JDL480
128±2dB(A) @1M

Sounder JDL550
131±2dB(A) @1M

Sounder STH10B
135±2dB(A) @1M

Sounder STH21-2
137±2dB(A) @1M

Sounder LK-M2
123±2dB(A) @1M


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