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Flame proof Alarm Horn Sounder

Many workers carry out their missions in a difficult industrial environment or in an explosive atmosphere. To signal a danger and ensure their protection, it is necessary to be fitted with audible warning devices. A2S presents a wide choice of ATEX sirens in terms of power, supply voltage, certification, and waterproofing.



Ex-proof 115d (B) stainless steel siren designed for industrial applications at risk of explosions (zone 1, 21).



Ex-proof 115d (B) siren in GRP designed for industrial applications at risk of explosions (zone 1, 21).


Fixed horn on particularly solid and robust angle bracket for ATEX zones 1, 2 (gas) and 21, 22 (dust).


High power Ex siren for zones 1 and 21, with an omnidirectional sound emission, max. 110 db (A) / 1 m.

sirène atex zone 2 YA11


ATEX certified for zones 2 and 22, this siren offers a maximum volume. 100 dB (A) and low energy consumption.


This intrinsically safe siren is intended for zones 0. With high acoustic power, it offers 32 standardized sounds and a 2-level alert.

Explosion-proof sirens and horns in brief

The ATEX siren is an electronic device designed to emit an audible warning to signal a danger or to signal a potential risk. These audible warning devices are designed to equip the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as SEVESO classified sites. This security system is also applied to the onshore, offshore oil and gas production site and also for distilleries and breweries. ATEX and IECEX standards certify our products and cover all applications to ensure the safety of people in explosive atmospheres. To help you select the right device, use the product finder.


Benefits of our ex-proof sounders


Our products from our ATEX range have substantial advantages such as ease of interface, quick installation, flexible customization and reliable performance. Our customers around the world trust A2S to protect their employees and promote the safety of their facilities. If your working environment is explosive or if you work in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, it is strongly recommended to opt for ATEX sirens. Our sound equipment is notably provided with Exe (increased safety) and Exd (explosion-proof) protection. In addition, these industrial alarms have been designed to be resistant to extreme conditions, such as very high temperature ranges thanks to their GRP (polyester reinforced with glass fiber) or stainless steel composition. Our range of audible signaling for hazardous areas A2S includes, SIL1 and SIL2 compliant electronic sirens are available in GRP or 316 stainless steel housings.

The global network of A2S distributors and partners, supported by our operations and logistics, ensures rapid delivery of products and excellent customer support all over the world.

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For more than 10 years, A2S has offered its customers its engineering expertise in audible warning devices. Our products combine the latest technology with cutting edge industrial design and build quality to provide you with the warning signals you can count on! In collaboration with system integrators, engineers and end users in the fire industry, we continuously offer the latest innovations to offer the most comprehensive range of signaling products specially designed for use in fire applications. We remain at your disposal for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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