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Emergency call station OneUP Totem

OneUP Totem

Emergency call station

  • Eco-Friendly (A Solar Panel To Recharge The Inner Battery
  • Complete Marine Rescue Equipment (3 OneUP Devices)
  • Automatic Calling (Automatically Call To Emergency Services)
  • Unobstructed Communication (GPRS/4G Antenna)
  • Simple Installation

The OneUP Totem is made of stainless steel. It is completely completely dustproof and protect against corrosion.

It is equipped with portable lifebuoys, an emergency communication system and a solar panel.

The Totem is suitable for sites along coasts such as: beaches, seaside resorts, coastal roads and the seaside, etc.

In the event of an accident, it is possible to remove the integrated lifebuoy to save the drowning person, while Totem automatically calls the rescue center to rescue them.


Main material: Stainless steel
Glass material: Tempered glass
Color: 185C Panton (Red)
Connection: 4G / GPRS
Weight: 43 KG
Buoy contained: 3 OneUP lifebuoys
Card type: Micro SIM
Reusable: Yes
Body warranty: 4 years
Electronic warranty: 2 years


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