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A2S offers a wide range of industrial and ATEX / IECEX certified luminaires dedicated to lighting areas at risk of explosion (gas and dust) and in harsh industrial environments.

Linear luminaire

ATEX certified and industrial linear luminaires dedicated to lighting areas at risk of explosion (gas and dust) and in harsh industrial environments.


A full range of ex-proof and industrial LED projectors which combine very powerful lighting with low energy consumption for hazardous areas.

plafonnier atex


Plafonniers, appliques et lanternes dédiés à l’éclairage pour atmosphères explosives (gaz et poussières) et pour les environnement industriels difficiles.

Mobile lighting

ATEX and industrial linear luminaires dedicated to lighting areas at risk of explosion (gas and dust) and difficult industrial environments.

Portable lamp

A2S offers a wide range of mobile site lighting and inspection work in hazardous areas: floodlights, torches and distribution tools

Quality lighting references

Our range of ATEX and traditional Led lighting products combines performance, low maintenance and high protection. All our articles for explosive atmospheres comply with international standards and certifications: International (IECEx), European (ATEX) and many others. Thanks to our experience, we have selected a unique range of high-performance luminaires that combine low consumption, efficiency and reliability.

LED technology and its advantages

Industrial LED lighting is full of remarkable assets, whatever your sector of activity. Our complete range is aimed at many business sectors, including:

  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical
  • distilleries
  • Oil and gas
  • Ports and terminals

Industrial LED lights have an incomparable lifespan and superior to that of many other technologies. Their full power, even in extreme situations, is particularly appreciated by professionals. It is important to remember that LED technology has a flexible installation and requires very little maintenance. These new devices are intelligent since they have a self-test mode capable of detecting battery performance. ATEX lighting is designed to make great savings over the long term. This type of product finally offers a model of flexible beams, which considerably maximize the light output and thus intensify the lighting of the area concerned.

A2S committed to you

As a designer of industrial solutions, ATEX signaling and ATEX lighting, A2S offers you a wide range of services. Any demo request for one of our products is possible via the contact form available online or by phone. We also perform site audits to assess possible risks and identify your needs precisely. This will allow us to find with you the best solutions for industrial LED lighting, whatever the complexity of your project. Good to know: we support you from A to Z in its design and offer you custom site lighting. Contact us now to find out more!

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