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ex-proof enclosure heater

chauffage de coffret ATEX

Heater Series TEF9207

Enclosure heater for zone 1, 2

  • Room temperature range from -50C to 50C
  • Comes with 1m connection cable
  • Model available with a built-in junction box
  • With or without thermostat
  • Zones 1/2
Datasheet: enclosure heater serie TEF9207

This high-end ATEX box heater is designed to allow some appliances to operate in extremely low temperatures.

It is available with, or without a built-in junction box. The TEF9207 series offers up to 14 different references, for a power of 100W to 1000W for the larger ATEX boxes. It is also possible to opt for a version with built-in thermostat, which starts the ATEX box heating as soon as the temperature reaches -5oC.

This heating protects electrical appliances from frost, while combating condensation. Thanks to its wide range of powers and sizes, it easily adapts to many sizes of ATEX cases or cabinets. The serie TEF9206 enclosure heater is certified ATEX and IECEx certification and guarantees optimal safety in the most extreme temperatures. Start-up can be automatic thanks to the use of an ATEX (optional) thermostat that allows start as soon as the programmed temperature is reached, thus avoiding manual manipulation in extreme conditions.


Application area (zones): 1, 2
IECEx gas certificate: IECEx NEM 11.0005X
Protection against IECEx gas explosions: Ex e IIC T3 Gb
ATEX gas certificate: NEMKO 11ATEX1098X
Protection against ATEX gas explosions: II 2 G Ex e IIC T3 Gb
Power: 100 to 1000W
Frequency range: 50 – 60 Hz
Room temperature: -50 C … – 50 C (under-voltage)
Storage temperature: -50 C … – 80 C
OFF Aperture Temperature: ‘5’ C
Aperture temperature tolerance: 5 degrees Celsius
Degree of Protection (IP): IP66
Stainless Steel Case Material: 1.4404


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