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How to choose a LED lamp ?

The LED bulbs equipped with SMD LEDs

There are several types of SMD LEDs offering very different powers. The SMD has existed for many years but because of a rather complex welding procedure is reserved mainly for industrial applications requiring power

The LED bulbs equipped with LED High Power

This LED technology power evolves and gains more and more ground in the industry because they are the LEDs that offer the most light from the emitting surface of the LED.

The LED bulbs equipped with LED COB

This new LED generation is increasingly used in industry. COB LEDs are small light chips arranged side by side to form a larger LED. They have the same advantages as the High Power LEDs but offer a higher light output.

Our advices :

Opt for LED bulbs SMD if you want a perfect power over a wide angle

Go for High Power LED bulbs if you want a beam effect

Opt for COB LED bulbs equipped for high-power floodlights and high bay

Pay attention that angle is important. Lower is angle and the more you will have a beam effect. This beam effect can bring a nice design if properly used as side along a wall, for example, but it is totally unsuitable for a main lighting.


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