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Weatherproof enclosures

A2S offers a range of industrial junction boxes and terminal boxes for installation and monitoring of machines and electrical networks in harsh and corrosive areas.

With a high quality design, A2S weatherproof enclosures provide strength and flexibility for use with wide temperature ranges and for all applications in industry.

Our team is at your disposal to define the most suitable solution to your specific needs .

boite de jonction atex exe grp
Weatherproof Junction Box / Terminal Box in GRP – JBWP Serie

The range JBWP includes 12 sizes of enclosures made in glass reinforced (GRP).

The GRP is highly resistant to contamination from oils, fats, aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates, bacteria and enzymes.It is also suitable for applications LSOH (low smoke zero halogen). This material gives excellent mechanical strength and life expectancy.



boite e jonction étanche IP66 inox
Weatherproof Junction Box / Terminal Box in Stainless Steel – JBWS Serie
The JBWS range features a high level of ingress protection (IP66/67).

Depending on the enclosure size they can be fitted with removable gland plates on any or all of the four sides.

Cable entries can be drilled in the sides or through the gland plates, if fitted, or through the enclosure wall. Entries may also be drilled through the rear face of the enclosure.

For industrial non-hazardous use the ambient range is -60°C to 130°C.



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