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Ex e and Ex i junction box for explosive atmospheres

A2S offers a complete range of Ex e and Ex i junction boxes and terminal boxes for the installation and control of machines and electrical networks in areas at risk of explosion.



The BPG is a range of fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosures for use in hazardous areas on land and at sea.

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The ATEX junction box of the 8102 series is distinguished by the robustness of its housing in polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber.

boite de jonction atex exe


Compact box intended for explosion risk areas, this ATEX terminal box is available in several sizes and several versions.

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The SX is a range of stainless steel enclosures designed and certified for use in the toughest hazardous areas on the planet.



The ATEX junction box of the 8102 series is distinguished by the robustness of its housing made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin (GRP).



S series junction boxes are made of aluminum alloy or AISI316L stainless steel (multipole or modular terminal blocks).



The SA … SAG series junction boxes are made of aluminum alloy and receive an electrostatically applied epoxy coating containing particles of stainless steel which is then baked at 200 ° C.

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The SA … SS series junction boxes, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, are suitable for electrical installations placed in aggressive environments such as reinforced safety boxes or intrinsic safety boxes.

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The ZAG range includes more than fifteen standard sizes. It is a robust die-cast aluminum housing suitable for intensive industrial use in hazardous areas.

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The explosion-proof junction boxes of the BXJ 8050 series are made of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) for use in zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

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The epoxy coated aluminum alloy BXJ-e series junction boxes are suitable for onshore and offshore installations in zone 1, 21.

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BXJ8050-20 / 6

The ATEX certified junction boxes of the BXJ 8050 series in GRP are designed for rapid installation of electrical equipment in zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

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Thanks to its expertise and know-how, A2S designs and offers complete and dedicated solutions, whatever your needs and the types of protection required for your installations:

  • fire resistant enclosures according to IEC 331 and more
  • waterproof enclosures from IP66 to IP68 up to 100M deep
  • all modes of “Ex” protection

Our range of customizable enclosures and boxes can meet all types of applications. Like all products supplied by A2S, our waterproof and ATEX solutions are developed with advanced and durable materials, for intensive use in explosive atmospheres or corrosive environments.

JBEP Ex e / Ex ia boxes are intended for many industrial sectors. This range is made of glass reinforced polyester and includes 8 sizes. This material is very resistant to contamination by oils, greases, aliphatic and is suitable for LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) Applications also.
Polyester offers excellent mechanical resistance and a long life expectancy. The wall thickness of 5mm offers the possibility of tapping the cable entry holes and offers a very good alternative to aluminum or steel.
Thanks to the labyrinth seal system of the enclosure, so that the seal is protected against external forces, The JBEP GRP increased range of safety junction boxes has excellent penetration protection qualities which means that the enclosures are tested for IP66 and transmitted. They also successfully passed the Shell / ERA deluge test which was designed to adequately test fencing and electrical equipment which is regularly subjected to ship deck conditions or deluge fire systems.

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