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High voltage junction box zone 1, 21

  • Stainless steel
  • Zone 1, 21
  • High voltage
  • Defect rated at 45 kA for 0.2 seconds
  • DTS-01 anti-downpoor tested box
  • Wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Robust machined hinges with removable and lockable lid

Based on the HVJB range but suitable for 11 kV, the ABJB case can accommodate up to four live connections in a lower input configuration or via a box. It is made of 316L stainless steel (1.404) so highly resistant to corrosion and has proven itself in the field at some of the most difficult industrial sites on the planet. Not only is the box is rated IP66 according to EN 60529, but it is also tested against DTS-01 deluges.


Case type: high voltage
Penetration protection: IP66 according to EN60529, Type 4X, DTS-01
Shock resistance: > 7 Nm
Material: 2 mm 316L stainless steel case (EN 1.4404) with orbital finish, silicone seal and captive 316 stainless steel fasteners, 3 mm 316L stainless steel cable plates (EN 1.4404)
Ambient temperature index: -20C to 40C or -50C to 55C
Maximum completions: 3 drivers per entry phase and 3 drivers per phase exit
Number of press plates: depending on configuration
Crimps: 16 mm2 to 1000 mm2
Grounding: via studs on the case, door and cable plates
Mounting: via 3mm thick external mounting straps, a split top strap to make installation easier
Zone Classification: Zone 1 and 21, Gas and Dust / Class 1 Div 2
Type of protection: Ex sb (certified device), Ex tb (protected from dust)
Device coding: Ex sb IIC 2 GD T4 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T70C / T80C Db

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