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High Voltage Hazardous Area Enclosures

When you need to connect a high voltage or high current cable in a hazardous area, A2S is here to help. Applications including umbilical connection, water and downhole injection pumps, fire suppression systems and temporary electrical connections are commonly found in an offshore environment.

SX Busbar (up to 3 kA)

The latest addition to the range of enclosures for high current applications. The SX bus bar provides flexible termination up to 3000 amps.

Busbar box (3,2kA)

Designed to accommodate high current cables, the BusBar box can safely connect conductors up to 3200 amps in hazardous locations.

MJB (8,3kv)

The MJB range offers a simple, inexpensive but effective solution for connecting cables up to 8.3 kV in ATEX locations.


HVJB (11kv)

The HVJB range provides a safe means for 11kV power supply or combined multi-purpose cables in hazardous areas (gas or dust) on land and at sea.


HVJB 125 Box (11kV)

The HVJB-125 version is a unique solution for the connection of offshore umbilical cables or onshore distribution systems. The separate control compartment.


ABJB (15kv)

Based on the HVJB but suitable for 15kV, the ABJB can accept up to four phase connections in a bottom input or through a box configuration.


ABJB-125 (15kV)

The ABJB-125 version offers two compartments and allows work on optical fibers or control conductors without the need to isolate the power supply.


TFJB Box (36kV)

The TFJB is designed for termination of connections up to 36 kV in hazardous areas of Zone 1, accommodating one connection per phase input and output.


4TJB Box (45kV)

Designed to accommodate high voltage connections in a hazardous area, the 4TJB can terminate power or multipurpose cables up to 45 kV.

Our MV & HV range is primarily made from 316L (1.404) stainless steel and is certified for Hazardous Zones 1 and 21. This is ideally suited to operate in harsh offshore conditions. The rugged nature of these products also makes them suitable for heavy industrial use where high levels of penetration and mechanical protection are required.

Below are details of our wide range of medium and high voltage termination boxes. We also have a number of products that require high current connections.

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