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Explosion proof cabinets and boxes

A2S has developed a wide range of explosion proof installation equipment,waterproof junction cabinets and boxes and ATEX to meet your protection needs. Our cases are designed for the most demanding applications and offer you the right mode of protection for each of your installations. Discover our protection solutions for explosive atmospheres.


The Ex e case in the 8146 series provides a secure protection for an application as a junction box or control box for the components installed there.



The Ex box of the JBEP series is distinguished by the robustness of its fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin case.

coffret ATEX ex d


The junction box is used to assemble engine controls, control boxes and Ex d junction boxes protection mode.

coffret antidéflagrant


The 8264 Series Ex d cases serve as control boxes and junction boxes for the installation of controls and distributions.

coffret ATEX ex d


The junction box is used to assemble engine controls, control boxes and Ex d junction boxes protection mode.

coffret ATEX ex d


The new Ex pressure technology reliably removes the explosion pressure present in electrical cabinets via flow channels.

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A complete selection for all types of hazardous areas

Advanced Safety Solutions presents a wide range of flameproof cabinets and junction boxes that combine strength, reliability and performance. These protective products are the only devices allowed in areas where there is an explosive atmosphere risk. Flammable parts such as switching devices and systems, control stations and display devices, controls, engines, transformers, heaters or fixtures present in an explosive atmosphere are enclosed in an envelope. This resists increased pressure during an explosion and prevents the transmission of the explosion in the atmosphere outside. The boxes and boxes comply with several standards according to the modes and different levels of protection including the European ATEX certification 2014/34/EU and the level of protection of EPL devices according to CEI 60079-0.


Our range of fireproof cases and cabinets can cater to all types of applications. Like all products supplied by A2S, our waterproof and explosion proof solutions are developed with innovative and durable materials, for intensive use in hazardous areas or corrosive environments. By purchasing a junction case, a high-voltage ex-proof cabinet or an explosion proof cabinet from the same range, you choose equipment that is fully adapted to your work environment.


The benefits of explosion proof cabinets and boxes

Explosion proof enclosures and cabinets have many strengths, regardless of your field of activity. Our products are suitable for industrial sectors such as:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Marine and shipbuilding sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Nuclear


A2S products give you maximum quality and flexibility in how it is used. To satisfy all your expectations and adapt to each situation, different sizes, materials, protections and accessories are available.

At Advanced Safety Solutions, you’ll find what you need, no matter what your protective case needs. The fact sheets are available online and offer you several practical information on all our references.


Check out all our explosion protected installation equipment:


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