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Cable glands and accessories

A2S offers a wide range of cable glands adapted to the specific requirements of the Ex d and Ex e enclosures. Discover a wide range of solutions for unarmed and armed cables, suitable for all applications in hazardous areas. And of course, they meet all the requirements, whether it’s ATEX, IECEx or other standards, for all their installation equipment.

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Ex d – unarmed cable

Flameproof solutions (Ex d) for unarmed cables, in accordance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and the international IEC Ex standard


Ex d – for armed cable

Flameproof solutions (Ex d) for armed cables, in accordance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and the international standard IEC Ex

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Ex e metallic

Increased security (Ex e) metal solutions for unarmed or braided cables, ATEX and IEC Ex certified


Ex e – polyamide

Polyamide augmented security solutions for unarmed cables, compliant with the ATEX Directive and the international IECEx standard


CSA/UL – metallic

Specific metal solutions for the North American market, compliant with UL and/or CSA standards for applications in hazardous areas.



Various solutions that will make it easy to modify a cable entry on an existing device in the Hazardous Areas.

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Choose your explosion proof cable gland

Secure your workspace and your employees with the cable glands. Thanks to the seed presses, the electrical cables are laid safely to prevent them from twisting or breaking. To choose an Ex cable gland, it is necessary to pay close attention to several criteria:

  • The mode of protection,
  • the diameter of the cable to ensure good resistance to tearing and sealing. The criteria to be taken into account when determining the correct diameter are the power to be transmitted, voltage, mechanical protection, etc. …
  • The ingress protection index (IP) must be higher than the sealing class of the item on which the sealer is placed.
  • The choice of threading
  • material requirements (moulded plastic, metal). The material determines the durability of the product. Indeed, each material has its own characteristics to adapt according to the desired use.
  • Ambiant temperature range
  • simple and multiple cable entries or special cables.


Advanced Safety Solutions presents a wide range of cable glands that combine high performance, robustness and protection. These fire-resistant products have the advantage of complying with various standards including the European ATEX certification regardless of your needs and the types of protection required for your installations:

  • Ex D Press — Unarmed
  • Ex D Press — Unarmed
  • Metal Ex E cable glands
  • Ex E cable glands — polyamide
  • Csa/UL ‘Srs’ gland — metallic


The cable glands and its benefits

Continuous improvement and innovation ensure that A2S clamps, cable ties and accessories lead the way in safety and performance. The cable glands are adapted to the requirements of the Ex e and Ex d enclosures. To satisfy our customers, A2S offers the highest standards and often exceeds national standards. Our commitment is total to ensure quality, maintain health and ensure safety for very safe work environments. These products of explosion protections are necessary in the distribution of onshore/offshore energy, control boards, engines, transformers, heating resistance, lighting, instrumentation process.


Our comprehensive range is aimed at many industries, including the oil and gas, husband and shipbuilding, chemical, food and mechanical and nuclear industries.

For any questions, our experts advise you by phone, email or online. If necessary, we carry out an on-site audit to offer you a tailored and dedicated support !


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