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Enclosures and accessories

Découvrez toutes nos solutions pour le raccordement de vos installations en environnement ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosives) : boîtes de jonction, boîtes de dérivation, coffrets, presse-étoupes, prises de courant, accessoires.

boite de jonction atex

Junction box

Find our many ATEX junction boxes, designed to withstand shocks and the most difficult conditions of use in harsh and hazardous areas.

coffret antidéflagrant

Empty enclosure

Discover all our junction boxes for the connection of your wiring or instrumentation needs in hazardous areas.

presse étoupe ATEX

Cable gland

Our wide range of ATEX cable glands as well as their accessories makes it possible to respond to all problems in hazardous areas.


Plug and socket

A2S offers a versatile range of explosion-proof and the most reliable and versatile sockets on the market. Designed for quick and safe installation in hazardous areas.

The best of explosion protection

With its expertise and its know-how, A2S designs and offers complete and dedicated enclosures and junction boxes, whatever your needs and the types of protection required for your installations :

  • Fire resistant to IEC 331 and better
  • IP66 to IP68 enclosures up to 100M Depth
  • Covering all protection method for Hazardous Areas (EEx d / EEx e / EEx p and more)

Our standard and customized solutions can respond to any and all types of applications. Like all products supplied by A2S, our weatherproof and Ex boxes are designed with advanced and durable materials, for heavy use in explosive or corrosive atmospheres.

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  • How to choose your junction box?
  • How to choose a cable gland?
  • How to choose your plugs & sockets?

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