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Portable Gas Leak Checker SP-220


Gas Leak Checker SP-220

Gas Leak Detector

  • Over 40 target gases to choose from
  • Sensitivity and gas range automatically change based on selected target gas
  • Compact, rugged, and easy to grip – weighs only 7.5 ounces
  • Impact resistant rubber boot
  • Easy to read LCD display includes: gas name, gas reading (digitally and graphically), operational indicators like battery, pump, pilot, and sound
  • Resistant to silicone poisoning
  • Silence gas alarms for discrete leak checking
  • Snap logging records and saves to up to 128 readings
  • Available with data logging function
  • Built-in LED lighting for dark and confined spaces
  • IP-55 Water-resistant / dust-proof design
  • Continuous operation over 12 hours with 2 AA batteries • Visual LED, vibration, and audible alarm types

The SP-220 gas leak checker offers leak detection of combustible, toxic, freon and fumigation gases. The SP-220’s rugged, light weight design and fast response time plus ease of operation will make pinpointing hard-to-find, low concentration gas leaks a simple procedure.

Technical specifications

Detection principle: Hot-wire semiconductor
Gas to be detected: City gas (Switchable to LPG), LPG (Switchable to city gas), City gas/LPG (Switched)
Calibration gas: City gas (CH4) calibration, LPG (i-C4H10) calibration, LPG (i-C4H10) calibration, City gas (CH4) calibration
Concentration display: LCD bar meter + grid
Detection range: 10 – 10000 ppm
Detection method: Pump suction type
Alarm setpoint value: Default: 30 ppm (set one of five levels: 10, 30, 150, 500 and 2000 ppm)
Displays: Operating state display, flow check display, alarm sound display, operation sound display, battery level display, bar meter display, mode display, gas name and message display
Response time (under the same conditions): 3 seconds or less
Gas alarm type: One-step alarm
Gas alarm display: Lamp blinking/buzzer sounding
Gas alarm pattern: Non latching (auto-reset)
Fault alarm: Sensor abnormality / low flow rate / battery voltage low / system abnormality / calibration abnormality / clock abnormality / pump abnormality
Fault alarm display: Lamp blinking / buzzer sounding / fault detail display
Fault alarm pattern: Self-latching
Power supply: AA alkaline battery x 2
Continuous operating time: Approx. 13 hours (alkaline batteries, at 20ºC, without alarms or lighting)
Operating temperature range: -20 – +55ºC
Operating humidity range: 95% RH or less (Non-condensing)
Explosion-proof structure: Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure
Explosion-proof class: II1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga(ATEX), Ex ia IIC T4 Ga(IECEx), Ex ia IIC T4(TIIS)
Protection class: Equivalent to IP-55
External dimensions: Approx. 43 (W) x 200 (H) x 39 (D) mm (projection portions excluded), Weight Approx. 215 g (without batteries)


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