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Portable gas monitor GX-6000

Detecteur Multi Gaz Portable

Gas monitor GX-6000

Multi Gas Detector

  • Up to 6 gases can be detected and displayed simultaneously.
  • VOC can be detected by adoption of the PID sensor.
  • Multi languages can be displayed (English and others).
  • Measurement in a dark place is safely done with the LED light.
  • Equipped with panic alarm & man down alarm function.
  • Detect benzene selectively (Benzene select mode).
Datasheet : Multi Gas Detector GX-6000

The Multi Gas Detector GX-6000 detects up to six gases of flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, other toxic gas, volatile organic solvent gas (VOC), etc. at a time. It is perfect for safety management of hazardous chemicals whose risk assessment is mandatory. Multiple types of gas can be measured with one unit, resulting in improved work efficiency. It has two new functions to protect workers’ safety: a panic alarm is sounded manually to let people know abnormality and a man-down alarm which sounds automatically to let people around the worker know the abnormality, in case of no sensed operation for a certain period.

Technical specifications

Type: Multi gas
Sampling method: Sample draw
Explosion proof: Intrinsically safe
Ingress proof rating: IP67
Approvals: ATEX, IECEx, CE
Power source: Rechargeable battery unit (BUL-6000) / Alkaline battery unit (BUD-6000)
Continuous operation: Rechargeable battery unit: Approx. 14 hours / Alkaline battery unit: Approx. 8 hours
Dimensions & Weight: Approx. 70 (W) x 201 (H) x 54 (D) mm
Operating temperature & Humidity: -20 to 50ºC, Below 95% RH


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