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Portable Combustible Gas Detector GP-1000


Gas Detector GP-1000

Combustible Gas Detector

  • Target gas is selectable
  • Pump booster function Intrinsically safe
  • Ingress protection rating IP67
  • Filters (optional) can be used with standard gas sampling probe
Datasheet : Portable gas detector GP-1000

GP-1000 is a compact and lightweight gas detector with high sensitivity for the detection of hydrocarbons. The measurement is performed for this purpose by means of a catalytic sensor. The Riken Keiki GP-1000 has a built-in pump with pump booster function and a direct selection from a list of 25 hydrocarbons for exact alignment of the target gas – Only calibration on CH4 necessary.

Technical specifications

Category: Portable gas detector
Type: Single gas
Target gas: Combustible
Detection principle: Catalytic combustion
Detection range: 0-100% LEL
Sampling method: Sample draw
Type of alarm: Gas alarm, Trouble alarm
Display of alarm: Flashing light, buzzer
Explosion proof: Intrinsically safe
Ingress proof rating: IP 67
Approvals: ATEX, IECEx, CE
Power source: Alkaline battery 4-AA size
Continuous operation: More than 20 hours
Dimensions & Weight: 80(W) x 124(H) x 36(D) mm, Approx. 260g
Operating temperature & Humidity: -20 to 50℃, 0 to 95% RH
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