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Gas and flame detection systems

A2S offers detection, signaling and control solutions for your gas and flame applications: production units, warehouse, communities, refineries …


Controller and alarms

Gas detection panels are the main element of a facility. They continuously detect the presence of gas and send the measured concentrations.


Fixed gas detector

Sensors intended for measuring the concentrations of gases present in the air, they form the first element of a fixed installation.


Fixed flame detector

Optical flame detectors, more commonly known as flame detectors, react to radiation emitted by all types of flame.



Area surveillance beacons (or site beacons) are gas detection devices that ensure the safety of workers over a defined perimeter.


Portable device

Find in this space our wide range of portable gas detectors for the detection of toxic, explosive, asphyxiating gases, refrigerants.

Assistance and advice

Any establishment is constantly confronted with obligations and questions concerning risk prevention, control and surveillance. In terms of Security, A2S supports you in analyzing, proposing actions, implementing them, and verifying their relevance and effectiveness. To meet your needs, A2S offers Consulting and Assistance services tailored to your needs. We operate on several levels:

  • Studying the obligations and needs of an establishment
  • Assistance in setting up improvement actions
  • Updating by updating procedures, instructions and all the risk assessments carried out in your establishments.

Our services tailored to your needs:

  • Explosion risk assessment Fire risk assessment
  • Security organization study Safety signaling audit
  • On-site support
  • Implementation of the prevention plan

Design and assistance

  • Survey & implantation


  • Emergency plans
  • Fire safety system (type 4)
  • Public address and broadcast system
  • Specific Security Plan …
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