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Multi-point suction detectors

Ideal for monitoring large volumes as well as for “high sensitivity” detection, this detector is particularly suitable for premises with specific atmospheres (warehouses, cold rooms …).

This detector consists of an analysis plant, on which a network of sampling tubes (not supplied) is connected. These detectors connect to the detection lines of conventional Control and Signalling Equipment or to addressable lines via an addressing module.

Détecteur multi-ponctuel par aspiration VESDA

VESDA Laser Plus

Designed for medium to large installations, the VESDA Laser Plus provides surface monitoring up to 1600m². Provide for an external ESA.

Détection par aspiration VESDA Laser Compact

VESDA Laser Compact

Designed for small to medium-sized installations, the VESDA Laser Compact provides surface monitoring up to 800m². Provide for an external ESA.

détecteur par aspiration VESDA Laser Focus

VESDA Laser Focus

Designed for small area installations, the VESDA Laser Focus is the smallest in its range. The model mentioned below provides surface monitoring up to 250m². Provide for an external ESA.

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