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Intrinsically safe fire detector (I.S.)

For reasons of cost and mechanics, fire detectors are made inherently safe rather than explosion-proof. Intrinsically safe equipment operates at extremely low power and with very small amounts of stored energy so as not to be able to cause an explosion in explosive atmospheres.

A2S offers a conventional XP95 I.S range and an Orbis I.S addressable alternative to meet each application.


XP95 I.S. Heat Detector (A2S)

The XP95 IS heat detector is distinguished from the XP95 IS smoke detectors by its low airflow resistance housing that allows good contact between the detection thermistor and the ambient air.


XP95 I.S. optical smoke detector

Optical smoke detectors incorporate a pulsating LED located in a maze inside the detector housing. The maze is designed to exclude light from any external source. At an angle opposite to the LED is a photodiode that transmits a signal to indicate the presence of smoke.


XP95 I.S. ionization smoke detector

Full details on operating principles and electrical description, as well as information on XP95 performance under adverse environmental conditions are published in the XP95 Engineering Product Guide.


Heat detector Orbis I.S.

The Orbis IS heat detector range (7 classes) monitors temperature using a single thermal network that provides an output voltage proportional to the temperature of the outside air.


Orbis I.S. multisensor detector

The Orbis IS multisensor smoke detector benefits from the same false alarm technology as the optical smoke detector with the addition of a heat detection element.


Optical smoke detector Orbis I.S.

The Orbis IS optical smoke detector operates according to the principle of light scattering and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely.

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  • A Guide to Hazardous Areas
  • Emergency plans (POI, PPI, PPRI…)
  • Fire safety system (type 4)
  • Public address system and message delivery
  • PPMS: Special Safety Plan…
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