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Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor

capteur de mouvement atex zone 1

Ex-Mo Motion Sensor

Ex-proof microwave motion sensor Ex-Mo for zone 1 / 21 

  • Certifié ATEX Zone 1/21
  • Plusieurs configurations de capteur / de lumière possibles
  • Capteur de niveau de lumière ambiante
  • Temps d’activation réglable
  • Sensibilité et plage de détection entièrement réglables
  • Programmeur de contrôle à distance certifié Atex / IECEx
  • Support de montage réglable Ex-Mo en option pour un montage en toute sécurité et un positionnement multidirectionnel
  • Fonctionnement à la fois en 110 / 230Vca ou en usine 12 / 24Vcc
  • Entrée de contrôle 12 / 24Vdc pour neutraliser le capteur de détection
  • Conception robuste et disponible en deux matériaux, aluminium peint et acier inoxydable 316L
  • Ex-Mo utilise le principe Doppler
Datasheet : Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor

Ex-Mo is a microwave motion sensor using the original Doppler principal that has been designed and certified to operate within Hazardous Area environments. Ex-Mo offers Atex and IECEX, IP66 Zone 1 and Zone 21 certification for Gas and Dust areas. Ex-Mo helps save on unnecessary power consumption from lighting and other switching devices. Ex-Mo can be used to control site lighting so that lighting is only switched on when people are present and off when they are not, therefore saving electricity by reducing your energy bills and reducing your Carbon Footprint.


  • Coverage – The Ex-Mo unit has a coverage pattern of approximately 72° horizontally and approximately 36° vertically. This represents the angular coverage where 70% of the unit sensitivity is maintained. In practice the Ex-Mo unit will detect 90° so that a single unit placed in the corner of a rectangle room will give complete coverage along the walls
  • The high frequency Doppler radar operates best when a target is approaching or moving away from it and can be detected from a distance of approximately 20 meters away. The “Beam” detected is focused from the front face and is reasonably directional
  • Dimensions – 145mm x 132mm x129mm
  • Weight – Stainless Steel 2.5kg – Aluminium 1.5kg
  • Earth Point on the right hand side M5 internal/external bolt provided
  • Equipment rating – IP66


  • Ex-Mo Adjustable Mounting Bracket – The unit must be securely mounted to a fixed object. Using the optional adjustable bracket the Ex-Mo can be mounted safety and securely on a roof or wall facing the area to be monitored and angled towards the target area
  • Ex-Mo Remote Control – Individually certified for use within hazardous areas. The remote control can operate from an approximate range of 10 meters and offers you the control to set thresholds of light, movement and time. One Ex-Mo remote control unit can set up multiple Ex-Mo units.
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