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Detection & Control

A2S offers detection, signaling and control solutions for your industrial applications and ATEX zones: production units, warehouse, communities, refineries …


Fire safety

Specialist in fire safety products, A2S designs and manufactures a wide range of peripherals for site detection, alarm and signaling.


Gas and flame

Wide range of detection devices for gas and flame monitoring systems: fixed detectors, control panels, mobile beacons, portable detectors.

serrure atex

Access control

Wide range of detection devices for gas and flame monitoring systems: fixed detectors, control panels, mobile beacons, portable detectors.

camera dome atex

Ex Camera & CCTV

Explosion proof Camera- and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems for hazardous areas

systeme diffuseur d'alerte PPMS


Alert Diffuser Systems designed to meet the requirements of the Special Security Plan for schools.



Supervision solutions for all your applications in hazardous areas and industrial environments.

Advanced Safety Solutions, extreme solutions for extreme conditions

Prevent, detect, alert: A2S makes your production tool safer, more secure and therefore more productive and more efficient. Our security solutions and our ATEX equipment is recognized and acclaimed around the world protect people and goods in extreme conditions. Fire protection, intrusion detection, active video surveillance, gas detection: our products are designed to prevent risks in industrial and dangerous environments.
All A2S solutions present a high level of sophistication, but remain accessible and economical. They are designed for optimal ROI, for each customer profile. In this sense, our solutions are integrated and scalable over time, with backward compatibility that allows you to grow according to your future constraints.

 Fire Solutions

Fire prevention and protection require know-how that cannot be improvised. For more than 10 years, our technical teams have worked with our customers to develop and offer the most efficient and effective solutions. Our detectors and extinguishing solutions are designed to ATEX standards to meet all professional, industrial and high security needs.
There is always an A2S Fire Solution to protect your business, regardless of its activity or level of risk, especially when your operation is carried out in a flammable environment. Assistance, advice, training, service and an exhaustive product catalog: our advisers are at your disposal to provide you with the technically perfect service, just the one you really need.

Gas and Flame Solutions

Whether your need requires basic protection or whether it involves multizone gas and flame monitoring, our range is complete and will adapt as closely as possible to your constraints and your needs. Visit the site or provide us with your plans: our solution takes everything in hand, from preliminary study, installation and upgrading to maintenance and monitoring of changes.

Find the best solution for your application with A2S.

Intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control

All of our video surveillance, intrusion detection and people flow management solutions allow you to work freely in your place of production. Depending on each configuration of premises and the volume of people to be managed, we develop the best solution to manage access, control and optimize flows. We design our own equipment and our own intrusion detection units and video protection peripherals. Our peripherals and our communication systems meet ATEX standards in hazardous environments.

Proximity and level of A2S services

At A2S, we use all our technical and human resources for the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our know-how is recognized around the world in all types of high-risk industries from gas, oil, medical, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, food, etc. Each project is approached with rigor, in close collaboration with each of our clients:
• Analysis of the existing
• Project study
• Expertise in solutions
• Specifications, design
• On-site installation and maintenance
• Long-term after-sales service: conformity checks, calibration, technical support.

In hazardous areas, it is crucial to be able to identify, understand and meet security needs. It is a priority for any company wishing to protect its staff, premises and property, while minimizing potential disruption to its core activities. It is also important for homeowners who want to protect their homes and property in order to feel safe. This is why we have developed a complete and versatile range of security solutions. These solutions are designed to meet the current and future needs of industrial and transportation companies. We are committed to providing the highest level of protection so that you can be fully assured of optimal protection.

Main applications

Oil and gas industry • LPG • Natural gas • Offshore drilling • Petrochemical industry • Food industry • Water treatment • Automotive sector • Steel production • Pharmaceutical industry • Nuclear and thermal power plants • Paper and paper industry ‘printing • Commercial buildings and public sites • Government and military

Find all our product families:
– Explosion proof and industrial signaling
– Ultra-resistant phones and our communication solutions
– Explosion proof and industrial lighting
– Explosion proof control boxes and installation material
– Control Stations
– Heating, ventilation and refrigeration solutions

Assistance and support

Every establishment is constantly confronted with obligations and questions concerning risk prevention, control and surveillance.

In terms of Security, A2S supports you in analyzing, proposing actions, implementing them, and checking their relevance and effectiveness.

To meet your needs, A2S offers Consulting and Assistance services tailored to your needs.

We intervene at several levels:

The Board by studying the obligations and needs of an institution
Assistance in the implementation of improvement actions
Updating by updating procedures, instructions and all the risk assessments carried out in your establishments.

Our services dedicated to your needs:

  • Explosion risk assessment
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Safety organization study
  • Audit of safety signs
  • On-site support
  • Implementation of the prevention plan

Conception et support

  • Etudes & implantation


  • Plans d’Urgence (POI, PPI, PPRI…)
  • Système de sécurité incendie (type 4)
  • Système de sonorisation et diffusion de messages
  • PPMS : Plan Particulier de Mise en Sûreté…
Custom built
Site survey
5 years
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