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Oil / Angola / Bloc 0 – A2S provides its support to a sub-contractor of Chevron

A2S has provided the company Prezioso specialized in surface treatment, a package including the design and manufacture of switch cabinets / transformation bespoke ATEX and Explosion-proof portable distribution boxes for lighting, ATEX LED portable Floodlights and various accessories (cables, plugs&sockets …).

This was to bring the necessary lighting to Prezioso’s workers during punctual and mobile maintenance operations carried out on board the floating units of Chevron located off the Angolan coast. “We worked closely with Prezioso electricians and coordinators on defining the requirements, conditioned by the people concerned offshore and tasks to do,” said Nicolas Sevestre, CEO of A2S. Work that has allowed, for example to determine the number of distribution cabinets to deploy and, most importantly, their specific characteristics, the power supply, the type, number and position of sockets, installation of a roof and of guards, lifting rings, or a cable winding device to the rear.


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