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New product : the URBAN-X PRO

A2S are delighted to launch Urban-X; a new range of high-performance general area luminaires designed for a range of industrial applications, as well as pathways, street lighting and perimeter fence lines.

Initially launching the range with the Urban-X Mini, the most compact and lightweight Urban-X luminaire,  A2S have since launched the Urban-X Pro, the most powerful luminaire in the family. Urban-X delivers several performance advantages compared to traditional lighting:

High Performance

Available with a lumen output up to 14,000lm, the Urban-X range achieves incredibly powerful illumination from a small platform through the use of PLATINUM SMT LED technology. In addition, excellent thermal performance ensures the luminaires run cool, providing long-life and reliability – all supported with the 5 Year Warranty. With a range of different beam patterns available, Urban-X can target light where it is needed most with minimal wastage, while achieving highly even light distribution.

Saving you Money

Urban-X products are designed with easy installation and maintenance in mind to reduce costs. The smallest product in the range, the Urban-X Mini, weighs in at just 2kg which makes installation safer and easier while a contractor-friendly design with tool-less access makes maintenance straightforward.

Thanks to the luminaire’s excellent thermal management and efficient optics, outstanding performance is combined with low power consumption to deliver excellent efficacy of up to 140lm/w. This means significant energy savings can be made when compared to conventional luminaires.

Managing heat effectively also means a long-life time is achieved, which when combined with easy installation and low power consumption means Urban-X delivers excellent value for money.

X-treme Durability

Featuring a lightweight, compact design which is focused on durability, Urban-X luminaires are the ideal lighting solution for more challenging environments. Manufactured using marine grade aluminum and offering a wide operating temperature range, Urban-X excels where other luminaires may struggle.

Urban X products are environmentally protected (IP66) and carry a temperature rating of -30°C and +60°c (-22° to 140°F), further adding to their suitability to demanding environments. An inbuilt automatic thermal control system (ATC) ensures sustained performance over the lifetime of the luminaire.

Clever Network Control

As well as being tough, Urban-X luminaires are also smart.

DALI enabled, and fully programmable as standard Urban-X is a fully connected lighting solution which brings new opportunities in the way lighting systems can function and be controlled. Luminaires can be controlled and monitored remotely, while groups of luminaires can also be controlled together as a network, providing the ultimate level of flexibility. This also helps to improve maintenance efficiency, further reducing costs when it comes to servicing.

The arrival of the Urban X range further expands A2S’s portfolio, providing a more complete package for specifiers and end users.


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