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High-performance submersible pressure transmitter LH-20

For the most demanding measurement tasks
The model LH-20 submersible pressure transmitter has been designed for the most demanding of level measurement tasks. A slender design, highest accuracies, low temperature errors and an adjustable measuring range ensure the suitability of the LH-20 for all submerged level measurements.

The model LH-20 submersible pressure transmitter can adapt to countless applications and measuring media through a large number of features and options. Depending on the requirements, this level probe is available with, amongst other things, a titanium case, PUR/PE/FEP cable, 0.1 % accuracy, HART®, scaleability or parallel temperature output signal.

For operation in hazardous environments, the model LH-20 submersible pressure transmitter is also available in an intrinsically safe version. For potable and fresh water applications, a potable water conformant product variant is possible in accordance with KTW and ACS.

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