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Contracts: A2S makes safe the tunnels of France

Ensuring the safety of motorists in tunnels is the priority of public bodies in charge of road maintenance and construction companies which entrusted the renovation and modernization programs. Indeed, these confined spaces can be particularly dangerous in case of fire because users who are not in the direct vicinity of the incident often tend to underestimate the scale. Because they only see smoke, many motorists do not have the reflex to leave their car and leave the tunnel through the emergency exits. Or, asphyxia is an early risk in case of fire. The challenge is to explain to motorists must leave their vehicles faster, thanks to a visual and audible signals that direct them to secure places.

It is in the context of several modernization programs that A2S won major contracts to supply high output alarm sounders. Thus in the Lyon region, A2S, which had initially equipped the tunnel of “La Croix Rousse”, was selected by SPIE to equip the tunnel of “Fourvière” 22 high output sounders. In Ile de France, the Roads Administration has also initiated a modernization program, involving 22 tunnels of “La Défense”. It concerns the safety control, ventilation, incident detection, evacuation and fire resistance. After these works, these tunnels will be among the most modern in Europe. A2S has signed a framework agreement with Bouygues SA for the supply of all the horns of this program.

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