Concepteur de solutions ATEX et industrielles
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Company profile

Designer and manufacturer
of advanced safety solutions


fotolia_98066490The A2S company founded in 2010, designs, develops and supplies electrical safety equipment and instruments for use in harsh environments or hazardous areas.


We sell a full range of equipment dedicated to industrial facilities, whether located onshore or offshore and transport infrastructure (marine, road, rail line). Thanks to its experience and expertise , A2S stands out by providing its customers with highly reliable products and tailor-made solutions at very competitive prices, while ensuring delivery flawless.


Welder using welding saw

Our clients are international, regional and national industrial companies principally located in Europe , the Middle East , Africa and Asia. They are specialized in the oil and gas industry as well as in the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. But also, the food industry , the mining, shipbuilding and the biofuels industry who need to use protection products against explosions. As we find the A2S products in sewage stations, water treatment plants or distilleries.