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Low voltage control station for high gain sirens

Control station for high gain sirens

Low voltage cabinet for high power warning siren allows the initiation of the siren by a key contact of a very low voltage 24 V circuit security which then activates the contactor circuit or 400V 230V

Low voltage cabinet for warning siren can send a continuous sound or a sound modulated with an adjustable timer (eg. Start and stop seven seconds, four seconds start running in seven seconds and then stop 4 seconds. . etc …)

This cabinet is future proof as it can get a programmer who will handle more complex modulation than a modulation Marche / off,. It may be connected to a GSM phone or a wireless control. It will also manage the temperature of the siren (antifreeze temperature), the rotation of the turbine, etc .. We canfill in” the low-voltage cabinet as needed.