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Increased Safety Junction Box (Ex e)

A2S offers a range of junction boxes and terminal boxes for installation and monitoring of machines and electrical networks in areas at risk of explosion.

With a high quality design, A2S increased safety enclosures provide strength and flexibility for use with wide temperature ranges and for all applications in hazardous areas.

Our team is at your disposal to define the most suitable solution to your specific needs .

Increased Safety Junction Box / Terminal Box (Ex e) BXJ8050 Serie

Junction boxes of the series BXJ8050 enable rapid installation of small electrical installations.


Increased Safety Junction Box / Terminal Box (Ex e)  in GRP (Ex e) – JBEP Serie

Robustness, flexibility and longer life are all benefits of JBEP series. With wide range of glass reinforced polyester enclosures (GRP), for customized configurations of terminals and cable entries, and various options of grounding, JBES series provides protection and optimum adaptation to each installation.


Increased Safety Junction Box / Terminal Box (Ex e)  in Stainless Steel (Ex e) – JBES Serie
A2S offers an economical solution through the range of stainless steel enclosures JBES Series. The terminals and cable entries are easily configurable.